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"An exploration through life’s juxtaposing soundscapes. From loose, ambient rural environments through modern, mechanical urban living, the performance is an invitation to appreciate the rich variety of sonic textures and dynamics that surround us."


While studying in Nottingham I produced a surround-sound, audio/visual electronic performance based around soundscapes. I decided to explore the theme of acoustic ecology, looking at the way our sonic landscape has evolved over time. The performance was put together using field recordings I'd taken from rural and urban settings, from forests to supermarkets, capturing everything from birdsong and buskers to trams and traffic jams. I then created a composition within Ableton with different musical sections which represent different environments. 


During the performance I trigger loops of recordings and manipulate them with outboard Moogerfooger effects while adding extra musical elements with a Minibrute synthesiser. At the same time, I fade in and out the corresponding visuals using VJ software Modul8, at points adding effects and colours. I created the visuals using both filmed and sourced footage, and edited it all within Modul8. We positioned two rear speakers at the back of the room which allowed me to place certain sounds behind the audience, to help immerse them within the soundscapes.

This performance was during a rehearsal at college. I later went on to perform it at the Nottingham Contemporary.

Click Here to watch performance
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