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The X-PERC Kontakt Instrument


Requires full Kontakt 5 or above

Sample Track

Created entirely with The X-Perc. No additional processing was applied.

The X-Perc is a free sample instrument I built within Kontakt, to generate unique and textured percussive sounds, rhythms and drones.


I wanted a quick way to access my collection of percussion instruments, so I took a box of shakers, drums, metal pans, plastic cups and more down to the studio. I recorded them one by one, across gradual velocities, using an array of six microphones at varying distances.

Using the instrument, the user has the ability to mix the microphone balance of the kit, using the 'Close', 'Over-Heads', 'Contact' and 'Room' mic controls, the latter of which made use of the studio's neighbouring stairwell, which I miked with a pair of 414s and left the studio door open, to provide a long, characterful reverb channel.

With added delay, flanger and phaser effect sends, and the included "Pad-Maker" which through the use of convolution reverbs allows the user to transform their beats into atmospheric tracks, The X-Perc becomes a powerful and fun instrument to make music with.

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